I’m a designer & frontend web-developer from sunny Melbourne, Australia.

Most recently I was the lead designer for Melbourne-based not-for-profit academic-journalism start-up The Conversation. If you care about what you read, and where it comes from you should check them out.

I occasionally write about my internet adventures (and more!) on this site. I sometimes share pixels on dribbble, and open - source bits on Github.

You can also find me on flickr, rdio and I am @plasticine on twitter.

In my downtime you’ll likely find me outdoors — in a swimming pool, on a bike or out trail running. I believe that the correct number of bikes one should own is n+1 (n is currently 5 for me). I am a keen age-group Ironman distance triathlete. I have also recently discovered mountain biking, and am currently planning to ride all of the single-track in the known universe.

I have a pretty gnarly coffee habbit.

If you want to say hi you can get on to me at


This website was built from scratch using the lovely Middleman static site generator, and was coded using SublimeText2.

CSS Stylesheets were authored using SCSS with helpings of Compass. Likewise the Javascript was — in a previous lifetime — Coffeescript.

The typefaces used are Source Sans Pro for display & Chaparral Pro for body type, both by Adobe and both served from TypeKit.