Hello World

Blogging has always been something that I’ve always aspired to do. In some ways I kinda have been for a while—a folder full of Markdown on my desktop—but that doesn’t really count, right? Consider this my first attempt at writing more, and publicly.

My hope is that writing more will improve my writing and allow me to better explore and share things I learn about, well, whatever I happen to find interesting…

The design is minimal, and largely incomplete. The objective was to get something up and running as fast as possible. The last thing I wanted was the realisation in 2 months time that I’ve half-built BS CMS thing, have 14 half-finished PSDs, and end up throwing it all away—something I have extensive experience with.

I think I’ll probably keep hacking away and improving/fixing the site as I keep posting.

For those interested, here are the technical particulars:

  • completely static, served from S3
  • built using Middleman
  • articles are markdown
  • SASS + Compass
  • typefaces are Source Sans Pro for display & Chaparral Pro for body type

Anyway, should be a fun adventure.