Recently my mate Andy clued me up on a technique that he uses when designing for retina/non-retina devices. It’s a pretty simple idea really, but is a real timesaver when you are working on an interface that is going to be used on a range of devices.

The idea is to design at non-retina sizing, and then use scaling by 200% for retina, by 50% to jump back to non-retina. Keep working, rinse, repeat.

Assuming that you’ve built your document well (keep objects non-raster, sizing non-pixel, use the pixel-grid, etc.) this action is non-destructive. It also helps you to make sure that things still look good in small format, and you can still add retina detail to icons and such by jumping over to 200%, tweaking, jump back and make sure that things degrade well. Nice!

The Bjango guys have actually made some awesome actions that you can use to make this toggle a key-press away. While you’re over on Bjango’s site—I highly recommend checking out their app Skala Preview. Both are huge time-savers.