I’ve been a pretty big fan of Pasquale D’Silva for ages, ever since I stumbled across some of his illustrations a few years back — he has an amazingly distinctive style which I really rather like. :-)

More recently he’s been working as an animator, and today I came across an awesome article he wrote on the subject of Transitional Interfaces.

It’s a really great read. Pasquale highlights the importance of the role that animation & motion plays in creating more engaging, and accessible user-interfaces that guide and inform, by relating animation to real-world concepts of movement.

“Folks keep throwing around the word ‘delight’ when referring to animation and cute interactions. Cool and great for those guys. Guess what though? Animation can be used functionally too. It’s not just an embellished detail.”

“[…] animation can help to provide context. It helps brains understand how the information flows.”

After reading Pasquale’s article I got thinking about how often I actually make the time to really give detailed thought to how animation can help, guide and give context in what I’m working on…more to the point how I can design UI and animation together to make it relatable to IRL concepts.

The Web is not a static medium. The way we design for it should not be either.